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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling can be instrumental in supporting people with a many of life's challenges.  The success of any therapy lies in the establishment of a secure and trusting relationship between client and therapist.  Therapy is an investment in yourself and a resource for personal growth. It requires a curiosity of mind and a commitment to the process but the rewards can be profound.  Read more about my approach to counselling and Psychotherapy in the 'My Approach' section below.  


Ecotherapy is an opportunity to combine the traditional principles of counselling and psychotherapy, with the holistic benefits of being outside in the natural world. This integrative blend of psychological and physiological wellbeing puts nature at the heart of the healing experience.  There is an ever growing body of research evidence to demonstrate that Ecotherapy not only improves mental clarity, but supports emotional and physiological outcomes too.  I offer a small number of bespoke Ecotherapeutic interventions across the Sussex region.  Ecotherapy is subject to an initial assessment for suitability.


Therapy session are weekly and last 50 minutes. I can see clients more often if there is a need.

  • Initial Consultation - Free

  • Individual Counselling - £60

  • Couples Counselling - £75 

  • Online or Skype Counselling - £60

  • Counselling Home Visit - £75 

  • Eco-therapy -£100 (per 90 minute session)

The sessions are generally at the same time and same place every week.  I charge for missed sessions, as is customary counselling and psychotherapy practice.  Exceptions are made for pre-arranged holidays or appointments.

I offer a small number of means assessed places. Please enquire about availability.


My Approach

Life is complicated.  At times, we find ourselves struggling to cope with these challenges.  The cost to us of living with unresolved issues can significantly impact upon our lives, on our sense of self, and on the relationships we have with the people around us.  What challenges are you facing right now?

I am trained to work with unconscious material.  Time and time again I witness how peoples relationships improve, and how their lives simplify, as their understanding and connection with themselves deepens. How do you cope, and how is that working for you?

Talking therapy can be deeply cathartic.  However, some people find it helpful to engage with therapy creatively too.  I am experienced in working therapeutically with art, role play, sand trays and in nature.  Can you clearly express yourself, and do you feel heard?

At times, it may also be useful for us to look at the nature of our relationship.  This can offer insights for self enquiry and develop further understanding of how you relate to others in your life.  How do you take support in your life?

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